The Child Has Arrived!

Posted on Apr 23, 2020

Ordered back in early December 2019 when it was available for pre-order and so thrilled to finally receive The Child from The Mandalorian. This is by Mattel, ordered through Disney. It is the 11″ plush with vinyl head. I can feel the Jedi powers healing me now!

My son wants it so badly, but IT’S MINE!!!!!! 😜

Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child 11" Plush With Vinyl Head by Mattel via Disney |

The Child is a Baby Yoda Fan Too!

The Child is a Baby Yoda Fan Too! Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child 11" Plush With Vinyl Head by Mattel via Disney |

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Happy Easter 2020!

Posted on Apr 8, 2020

Happy Easter! May you have a hoppin’ life to come!

Bunnies, Chickadees, Tulips, Eggs, Chocolate Candy, and more Easter Illustrations  by Scott Monaco of QuietYell™ |

See variations and larger images of these promotional games and boardgames illustrations as well as others here:

In our household when I was a child, while we colored eggs in the days leading up to it, Easter morning itself was met with a search for plastic eggs (the colored hard-boiled eggs were used to make macaroni salad and egg salad sandwiches). The penultimate challenge was finding the Easter basket filled with delights (definitely foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies, chocolate-malt eggs, & jelly beans, but also usually little toys & tchotchkes as well). Who would’ve thought that a big basket was actually able to be hidden?!

As I got older (and the same for my younger siblings), the basket wasn’t hidden but withheld. I could only get the basket if I found the white hard-boiled egg, which was often very craftily hidden and quite hard to find. I think my father took a deeply naughty joy at seeing our difficulty to find it since he taunted us so gleefully. There was always that threat of the unfound egg becoming a stinky rotten egg, especially because as he also got older, he would forget where he hid the egg too!

I think the Easter Bunny is a pretty happy fellow. Lots of chocolates & candies, lots of colorful eggs & decor, and lots of playful hiding & finding. But let’s be honest, entering into everyone’s home to hide eggs and give chocolates is a bit looney.

What a great inspiration to my life that bunny has been!

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Resources for Children

Posted on Mar 23, 2020

Have a great day! —

Last Updated: October 15, 2020 at 04:45 p.m. CST

Many are faced with entertaining & educating their children at home during COVID-19. With a 2-year old in our home, that is no easy task. 🙂

Tons resources are being provided for free to help during this time. (Yay! Thank you to those providing these resources!) Below is an ongoing list that may prove helpful; will add to it as new resources are found.

Also, I have started to create some coloring activity sheets for free download as well and will continue to develop more in my free time.

Hope these resources will be of some help, and it is my deep heartfelt hope & prayer that you & your family are able to maintain good health and well-being during these difficult times!

List is currently organized as:


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List of Resources for Children:

Created by Scott Monaco of QuietYell™

I have developed some activity sheets for my 2-year old and intend to develop more in my free time as able. Since my wife is from Taiwan and my grandmother from Mexico, the sheets have Chinese & Spanish references. Knowing other parents are in the same boat, these are made available to freely download.

Go To

(or Download Via the Links Below)

“My Mask Design” Coloring Activity Sheet Downloads

While face masks have been frequently worn in Asia for some time now, they are a new practice for children in other parts of the world. It can feel a bit awkward at first, but there’s a world open to explore, and a mask (along with social distancing) can offer some protection in these times. This coloring sheet offers a playfully imaginative world of face mask wearers and the opportunity for the child to design the face mask imagery they would like to see.

NOTE: This “My Mask Design” activity sheet is merely for fun and not a substitute for a real mask. Please consult experts for the appropriate masks to wear and how they may be acquired.

Right-click on the reference image below to save the PDF download or do so via the button under that.

Coloring Activity Sheet to Design Your Own Face Mask For Fun by Scott Monaco of QuietYell LLC |

Download Counting Clean PDF

(Right-Click and “Save Link As…”)

“Counting Clean” Coloring Activity Sheet Downloads

The CDC’s guidance to wash hands for at least 20 seconds has been a great tool for us to practice counting numbers with our 2-year old. So, I made a coloring activity sheet about it! Count the bubbles, count the seconds on the clock, and learn numbers from one-to-twenty in English, Chinese, and Spanish, with some practice numbers.

Learn more about the CDC’s guidance on handwashing:

Right-click on the reference image below to save the PDF download or do so via the button under that.

Coloring Activity Sheet to Learn About Washing Hands For 20-Seconds (Emphasized During the COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine) and Learning Numbers in English, Chinese, and Spanish by Scott Monaco of QuietYell LLC |

Download Counting Clean PDF

(Right-Click and “Save Link As…”)

Color Heroes Activity Sheet Downloads

Each Color Hero has their color name given in English, Chinese, and Spanish. A color wheel is at the end, hinting at how primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue) can be used to make secondary ones (Orange, Green, Purple). Right-click on the reference image below to save the PDF download or do so via the button under that.

Coloring Activity Sheet to Learn Colors in English, Chinese, and Spanish by Scott Monaco of QuietYell LLC |

Download Color Heroes PDF

(Right-Click and “Save Link As…”)

Shapes Activity Sheet Downloads

Shapes are grouped according to similarity and there are practice sheets of each set with shape names in English, Chinese, and Spanish. Right-click on the reference image below to save the PDF download or do so via the button under that.

Download Shapes PDF

(Right-Click and “Save Link As…”)

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CORVID-19 Specific (Including General Wellness)

First Aid For Feelings, Cope With Life During the Coronavirus Pandemic : The Yale Child Study Center-Scholastic Collaborative

Via a post by Lyn Smith (Global Licensing Director at Scholastic) and a post by Scholastic : “The Yale Child Study Center-Scholastic Collaborative for Child & Family Resilience and leading child development expert, Denise Daniels, RN, MS, have released a free social-emotional workbook for families and educators to share with children ages 4–10, who are learning how to cope with life during the coronavirus pandemic. To download the free resource in English and Spanish, visit the family resources section of the Scholastic Learn At Home remote learning digital hub”

The Genius of Play : How To Discuss Stressful Situations With Kids

Via a post by Jennifer Lynch :The Toy Association’s Genius of Play expert Talia Filippelli, founder of Starr Therapy, offers five helpful tips to talk to kids about stressful situations like the #covid19outbreak”

The Toy Insider Tips For Cleaning Toys

Via a post by Laurie Schacht : “Tips for Cleaning Toys: Plastic, Plush, and Everything In Between : With the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping our homes clean and our hands germ-free is more essential than ever…”

Sesame Street Washy Wash Song

Via a post by Beatrice Chow : “Sesame Street: Washy Wash Song | How to Wash Your Hands : Watch this video together and sing along as you wash your hands. Talk with children about the importance of hand-washing—it helps keep us healthy and it helps keep germs away! Act out the steps of hand-washing and then practice together.”

Playmobil Coronavirus Explanation Video For Kids

Via a post by Anita Baulch and a post by Marian Bossard : “Well done Playmobil, this is an amazing resource to share with children. I think some adults should watch it too…” | “As concerned as we adults are about passing along the virus, let’s also try not to pass along our anxiety. Playmobil steps in to help kids understand.”

Direct Link to Video :

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Morgan Stanley : Social Media Safety For Kids

Via a post by Cindy Martinez : “The internet can be a risky playground for kids and teens. It’s important to educate them about how to engage with others online and explain what content is ok to share.” | “Rachel Wilson in this video is Head of Cyber Security for Morgan Stanley and brings a wealth of intellectual capital from her tenure at the NSA. Such good info for kids and us parents.”

Social Media Safety for Kids with Rachel Wilson, Head of Wealth Management Cybersecurity at Morgan Stanley

LinkedIn Post with YouTube Video Here

Direct Link to YouTube Video:

Learn more at:

Financial Literacy by Learning Resources & Red Tricycle

Via a post by Learning Resources : “Making sense of dollars and cents is what early financial literacy concepts are all about! Thanks to Red Tricycle for including our FREE content for making learning about money fun in their online math resource roundup. Perfect way to celebrate Financial Literacy Month, too!”

Scholastic’s Free Remote Learning Hub for K-5 & 6-12 Teachers

Via a post by Scholastic : “Are you looking for more at-home learning resources? Check out K-5 and 6-12 collections from Scholastic Extra Credit.”

Little Medical School, Plus-Plus, Hungry Caterpillar, and More

Via a post by Schleich pointing to an article with multiple links :

“The Little Medical School : Through innovative curriculum, role-play, and fun activities, Little Medical School Louis aims to INSPIRE a greater understanding of health and career options.”

“Plus-Plus offers free online educational resources that incorporate their Plus-Plus pieces to help children construct numbers and letters.”

“Hungry Caterpillar Play School develops the key skills children need to get ahead on a lifelong journey of learning.”

“Celebrate Very Hungry Caterpillar Day with these in-class and at-home activities designed to nurture every child’s love of literature and learning while encouraging imaginative play and exploration.”

Visit the referenced article for more details and links:

List by The Ladders

Via a post by Educational Insights and a post by Heather Weeks : “Love these suggestions from @Ladders for managing work at home with kids! Thanks to E.I.’s Director of Product Development, Heather Weeks, for contributing her thoughts as a working mom. Wishing you all courage! #workingfromhome” | “Let’s be real, working from home with kiddos requires lots of patience and support in the way of toys, at-home learning materials, and the occasional TV show (thank god for Sesame Street!) Here’s some tips from Ladders!”

Learning Resources

Via a post by Learning Resources : “We’ve compiled the best FREE at-home learning essentials from Learning Resources all in one helpful spot. Check it out!” | “Free At-Home Learning Essentials : Learning from home? We’ve got the essential advice and activities you need to bring the classroom home with you! Our team of expert parents and teachers is always hard at work to make sure you have the tools you need to keep your little ones building new skills and having fun along the way.”

Super Simple

Via Super Simple’s Website (Our 2-yr old ❤️loves❤️ SuperSimple! — Great mobile app too) : “Many of us are finding ourselves at home with children to occupy or teach these days. If you’d like to come up with some fresh ideas for your early learners, you’ve come to the right place! We made this list of themed activities and videos to inspire, motivate, and spark ideas for parents, caregivers and lesson planners alike! We like the idea of hosting theme days to help set up a successful learning environment, so that’s how you can navigate this list. Simply click on a heading that appeals to you for a look at some of our favorite themed content. Everything from songs to Super Simple episodes, crafts, free printable activity sheets, flash cards and more can be found here under each heading. You can always find more great themed content under our theme heading on our website. Have fun and keep it Super Simple!”

Common Sense Media’s

Via a segment of The Today Show : “New site has free educational resources for teachers and parents : Jim Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media, joins the 3rd hour of TODAY to announce a new website launched by the company. The new site will serve as a central hub for teachers and parents, with resources for home-schooling kids during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Educational Insights

Via a post by James Zahn / Toybook :“The folks at Learning Resources, Educational Insights, and hand2mind are offering free educational activities for families stuck at home during the #coronavirus situation. Details at The Toy Book — #weknowplay!”

Scholastic : Learn At Home

Via posts by Scholastic (Post 01 | Post 02) : “Planning for school closures? Scholastic has you covered with engaging online resources 💻 and activities from #ScholasticLearnAtHome. Our free Virtual Learning Resource Center for grades PreK to 9 has 20 days of lessons across all content areas.” | “Teachers & Parents: Are you looking for virtual learning tools? 🏠 Scholastic has you covered with engaging online resources and activities from Scholastic Learn at Home.”

The Genius of Play

Via a post by Anna Yudina:
Our new hub of learning-at-home resources is packed with educational and fun activities kids can do virtually, thanks to technology and all the wonderful organizations stepping up to bring these experiences to them!
(Note: Some of these are for a little bit older (like 5+) but seems like there might be some usable for younger too)

State Fair of Texas TEKS-Aligned Curriculum

Via a post by The State Fair of Texas : “How are those tiny Texans holding up? With education at the core of its foundation, the State Fair has expanded its educational initiative to the classroom with TEKS- aligned curriculum. The online curriculum combines the unique culture of the Fair with Texas history and agriculture, incorporating it into a TEKS-aligned program that focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects for grades 4 through 12. #BigTex Find the download-friendly documents here – Education | State Fair of Texas”

Girls Make Games Free Resources

Via a post by WB Games : “Our friends at Girls Make Games are sharing Free Resources for those home with children interested in games. The free portal has tutorials, inspiring videos, resources for college applications, scholarships, games internships and more – all in one place.”

List of Resources From Published Members of SCBWI

Via Newsletter (SCBWI = Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) : “To keep students learning and you growing, we reached out to our published members for remote learning resources you can use in virtual classrooms, for homeschooled students, or yourself! The SCBWI Connects directory has over 300 resources by PAL authors and illustrators that includes activities, art lessons, audiobooks and ebooks, bilingual resources, online book readings, emotional and mental wellbeing projects, podcasts, teaching guides, and virtual visits and workshops. We’ll update this every Monday, so stay up to date and check back often.” | “So many creators of children’s books have risen to the call for help from teachers and parents during the COVID-19 crisis by creating online materials that will entertain, instruct, and inspire children and young people. Some are reading their books and discussing them. Some have created mini-lessons on art or history or craft projects. Some are doing the equivalent of a school visit with a presentation and slide show. Below is a directory of what our published members are making available online.”

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Groups and Events

Play at Home Festival 2020 : May 23 & 24

Via a post by Lauren Archer : “This may well be the most exciting thing we’ve ever taken on at Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide…Two days of live-streamed festival fun lifting the nation’s spirits with all of the below (and more!)

– Baking / cooking masterclasses
– Arts & crafts demos
– Virtual yoga / meditation / activity classes
– Interactive competitions (e.g online treasure hunts, tower building, quizzes)
– Face painting / glitter demos
– Magic & balloon shows with DIY tutorials
– Musical performances & comedy sketches
– Lounge den building workshops
– and narrated story time for bedtime wind-down”

Facebook Group : Project Quarantine 2020

Facebook Group — Project Quarantine 2020 : “Hey Neighbors all over the world! As a mom of 2, an educator and school social worker, I’ve struggled these past few weeks about knowing how to get through this unprecedented crisis. How do we keep the joy and community connections in our lives when we’re “socially isolated” from each other? And perhaps more importantly, how do we keep our kids busy (and healthy) so we don’t completely lose our minds? I came up with a creative idea: With this page, I plan to make a community challenge, in which each day there will be a new set of activities for kids to complete. Parents can post pictures on this Facebook page so we can all share and enjoy the creativity of others around the world. I’ll strive to have activities that are available to anyone, free and/or very low cost. The goal will be to encourage creativity, joy, and family connections despite the crazy and stressful circumstances in which we find ourselves. Wishing you good health and resilience, Lauren”

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Contests / Challenges

The Toy Insider Fun At Home Challenge

Via posts by Laurie Schacht (Post on the Challenge | Post on an Interview About the Challenge) : “#FunAtHomeChallenge : The Toy Insider is helping to bring family and friends together on social media to share how we play and stay entertained no matter what life throws our way. We are challenging you to show us your favorite toy, activity, or board game to play at home to spread the power of play – and for a chance to win a $100 Amazon e-gift card! Here’s how you can play along:”

Page on #FunAtHomeChallenge :

Interview about #FunAtHomeChallenge :

The 15th Annual Young Inventor Challenge by The Chicago Toy & Game Group

Via a post by James Zahn : “Mary Couzin and the crew at the Chicago Toy & Game Group, Inc are kicking off the 15th Annual Young Inventor Challenge with a first-ever virtual spring event. Mattel, Inc. President and COO Richard Dickson recorded a video to welcome kids to this year’s challenge, while top toy and game designers including Deirdre Cross of Funko Games and Nick Metzler of Spin Master are taping interviews designed to inspire the next generation of creators.” | First Link Below : “The Chicago Toy and Game Group officially launched the 15th Annual Young Inventor Challenge (YIC) with its first-ever virtual spring event. The annual competition presents budding inventors with a chance to have their ideas in front of some of the major players in the toy and game industries during a global search to find the most innovative new products designed by kids, for kids. The spring event is designed to encourage creativity and innovation while kids and families are spending time at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.” | Second Link Below : “Young Inventor Challenge is your chance to show your game or toy idea to major toy companies, receive valuable feedback on your invention, and maybe even have it considered for publishing! Spring Challenge : Is open now and ends midnight CST, June 15, 2020; Winners will be announced July 1, 2020; All entries are submitted online. No fee to enter; Sponsors include Mattel, Magformers, Scholastic, and the American; Specialty Retailer Association (ASTRA); Prizes: Each winner will receive $250 in toys and games (4 winners will be selected, 2 Junior Winners and 2 Senior Winners)”

Chicago Toy and Game Fair 14th Annual Young Inventor Challenge

Via a post by Rachel Griffin and post by Melanie Nortkin : “Hey friends and colleagues, I know we are all stuck at home trying to figure out the best way to educate and entertain our kids. As a board member for the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, I wanted to inform you all of an awesome challenge – The Young Inventor’s Challenge – where kids can invent toys and games!! Some have been picked up by major toy companies and sold at Amazon and Target!!! The Game “Betcha Can’t” – invented by two kids and is sold at Target right now!! And it is AWESOME!!! Anyway, we have a terrific STEM activity and free resources (Design Guide, etc.). Kids can also enter their ideas for feedback from industry execs, a chance for scholarships, prizes and licensing. Check out for more information. Please share! Let the creativity begin!! — heck, this may lead to enough money for a college fund! 🙂 …. Just saying.” | “Know creative kids ages 6 to 18? Are they inspired by all the toys and games they are playing at home to invent one of their own? This is for them! “The 14th Annual Young Inventor Challenge, provides an opportunity for children ages 6 to 18 to develop and pitch their original inventions to major toy companies, industry professionals, members of the media and general public. This unique and educational experience ignites imagination, creativity and presentation skills like no other, providing a means of taking these inventions to greater heights, with professional critiques from our industry experts.””

North Texas Performing Arts Talent Competition

Via a post by Lifestyle Frisco : “The show must go on, Frisco! And to that end… North Texas Performing Arts is preparing to host the largest all-ages #VIRTUAL online #talent #competition in the world… North Texas’s Got Talent! NTPA has offered an open invitation to this #GLOBAL online #event to performers around the world! This opportunity will showcase the incredible gifts of #performers from North Texas and beyond, bringing together a worldwide community of artists and lovers of the performing #arts. DETAILS below regarding submission videos, deadlines, and more. ALL AGES welcome!!”

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Restaurant/Food & Retail

Disney Parks Shares Churro Recipe

Via a post by Michael De Camp : “With Disneyland and Disney World currently closed amid the ongoing coronavirus health crisis, Disney Parks are still aiming to give fans their fix any way they can. To that end, the parks’ official blog recently shared a recipe for recreating their beloved Disney churros at home, using household ingredients most foodies might already have in their pantries…”

National Restaurant News Article of Restaurant Chains Deals

Via a post by David McKillips : “How restaurant chains are catering to families, kids during the coronavirus pandemic : Before the coronavirus pandemic took hold, families were already increasingly turning to restaurants for convenient, affordable solutions to put dinner on the table. Now that the whole family is at home 24/7 for the foreseeable future, savvy restaurant operators are pivoting, leaning into and rolling out creative at-home meal and entertainment solutions for kids and families…”
(Various deals listed in article; though, no links)

Chuck E. Cheese Deals

Via posts by CEC Entertainment (LinkedIn Post 1 | LinkedIn Post 2 | Facebook) : “As you may already know, we are temporarily suspending on-premise dining and game play at all our restaurants through March 31st. At the end of the month, we will re-evaluate and determine when to reopen restaurants. We are continuing to stay open for carry-out orders and delivery via DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub. Also, starting March 18, we will introduce three exciting, new family-fun packs for carry-out or delivery, so guests can bring the fun of Chuck E. Cheese home. ” | “All the fun of Chuck E. Cheese, now available at home 🍕🎉🏠! For just $20, get 2 large one-topping pizzas, goodie bag, & 800 tickets! Offer available on DoorDash and carry out!! For details on all three package offers”

Chuck E. Cheese Family Fun Pack |

Yay Chuck E. Cheese’s (CEC Entertainment)! Thank you for bringing some joy to us with your offerings in this time. Great job David McKillips, Clint White, and team. We got the “Family Fun Pack” ($20 for 2 large one-topping pizzas, goodie bag, & 800 tickets) – fun game on the box too! Look forward to ordering again, and to when we can visit in-store again. (NOTE: The Chuck E. Cheese plush is not included. We purchased this on a previous in-store visit.)

Burger King Free Kids Meal

Via a post by The Today Show : “In an effort to help families and children fed during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Burger King will be offering free kids meals starting Monday, March 23. The free meals will be available nationwide with any purchase through the Burger King app. The free meals are only applicable on takeout or drive-thru orders — not delivery.”

NBC 5 DFW List of Deals

Via a post by NBC 5 DFW : “As the coronavirus outbreak shutters restaurants and stores across the United States, several companies have decided to offer discounts and deals to alleviate the closures’ financial, emotional and technological costs on consumers, institutions and other businesses. Here is a list of deals, discounts and freebies companies are offering amid the pandemic:

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Arts and Crafts (Activity Sheets, Coloring, etc. : Many More In “General”)

Via Crayola Experience Website (Heard About Via News Story on NBCDFW) : “From Crayola Experience Plano: Bring Crayola Experience to your home with “Creativity Takeout”. This our ULTIMATE boredom buster to keep your kids entertained with hours of creative fun – just call up Crayola Experience and order the Crayola products you want! Please note, this is currently only available at our Plano, TX location. …Not sure what you want? Check out our pre-bundled kits! These unique kits bundle together everything your kiddos need to exercise their creativity to the max. Each package includes: Crayola product bundles sold at a discount (SAVE up to $15) AND 7 FREE Crayola Experience crafts to make with these products (not available anywhere else).”

Crayola Experience Pre-Bundled Kits |

Thank you, Crayola Experience! My son was incredibly excited to get the “Melt ‘n’ Mold Madness” and the “Lil’ Artist Essentials” pre-bundled kits. The ordering & curbside pickup process was easy and your employees did a great job. (NOTE: The Crayola shirt and Crayola tin bank are not included. We purchased these on previous in-store visits as Crayola Experience members.)

Melissa & Doug Coloring Sheets of 10 Occupations

Via a post by Melissa & Doug : “Who doesn’t love to color?!? Click below for coloring activities…Simply print, grab some crayons or markers and enjoy some creative time!” | “Time to color and imagine these 10 different types of occupations! These 10 free coloring printables focus on creative and story-telling skills and are fun for kids of all ages. Our 10 free printables this week were created using artwork from our Jumbo Coloring Pad – Town, the newest of our Jumbo Coloring Pads. Now, let’s get creative with these 10 activity sheets for coloring fun.”

The ICEE Company Activity Book

Via a post by The ICEE Company and by Jasmine Mealy : “Looking for some weekend family fun? Our SLUSH PUPPiE is turning 50 in 2020! We decided to bring the Birthday celebration to you virtually. Our creative team has worked up a fun activity book for you to enjoy with your family. Help us celebrate our Lil Pup!” | Jasmine Mealy : “This is one of the more lighthearted things I’ve had the chance to work on in a while. This activity book includes templates to construct your own party hats, a page to invent your own ICEE dessert recipe, a spot to write SLUSH PUPPiE a fun birthday note— and much more! I’d love to see what you all come up with. Don’t forget to tag us on social media for a chance for your art to be featured!”

Disney Free Downloads : New Every Friday

Via a e-newsletter : “Download free activity guides, coloring sheets & more. Check back every Friday for new activities.”

Coloring Activity Sheets (to Encourage the Elderly) by Nat Iwata

Via a Facebook Post by Stichting Present Haarlem re-shared in a Facebook Post by Nat Iwata : “A nice coloring page for this period! Colour it or sign something yourself and give it to someone who can make it very happy! Together we give life color!”

Nat Iwata’s Facebook post prior to this: “A local non-profit asked me to convert this piece into a coloring sheet they could give to teachers and kids! The finished artwork will then be hung in elderly care homes. Hiro has the idea to make a blank version for kids to draw their own sidewalk scenes.”

Based on Nat Iwata’s original art:

Nat also made downloads from Dropbox available via his Instagram : Dropbox Download (Not sure how long this link will remain active)

NOTE : Nat Iwata ( is an awesome artist and a great guy that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with and watching as he continues his road of successes. A fun piece with a great intent to encouraging the elderly during this time. Download, color, and share with those who could use some encouragement with this great art by Nat!

Also, go grab a copy of the book, Sumo Joe, he did with Mia Wenjen ( Both are wonderful people and we love our copy of the book! Sumo Joe on Amazon :

Cinemark : Animated Movie Coloring Sheets

Via Cinemark‘s e-newsletter : “For Kids: Animated Movie Coloring Sheets : We’re all spending a lot of time inside this spring, and many of you, like us, probably have kids at home. Keeping the the kids entertained and happy all day is no easy task, so we wanted to share a family activity that can entertain the kids while also keeping the spirit of moviegoing alive. We’ve got three coloring sheets inspired by the animated movies SCOOB, CONNECTED, PETER RABBIT 2, and THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 — and bonus activity sheets for GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE! Click each thumbnail to open up a larger version of each sheet, suitable for printing and coloring. Unfortunately, you’ll have to supply your own crayons and colored pencils.”

Peanuts : Coloring Sheets

Via : “Peanuts Coloring Sheets : Color your favorite Peanuts character! Just click the image to download.”

Crayola Experience : Craft, Coloring, and More

Via the Crayola Experience website : “Sign up* for access to our webpage hosting free craft downloads, coloring pages and art projects! Plus you’ll receive new projects regularly in your inbox!”

100+ Activity Sheets by Scott Soeder

Via a post by Scott Soeder : “My eBook of activity sheets (more than 100 sheets) for kids is available on my website for FREE to download. A great non-screen option for kids to enjoy. Please share. Hope it adds a little fun to your day.”

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activity

Via Raising Dragons site : “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activity to go with the book.”

Monster in a Box Paper Craft

Via a post by Tristam Rossin : “I’m giving away another fun thing to do at home, If you’re looking for a little creative fun, why not build a Monster in a box? Get a free downloadable copy here…”

Dropbox PDF Download

Wally and Sid Comics and Activities

Via a private message by Richard Deaver : “Many of us are dealing with shelter-in-place orders, and some have limited access to things families can do together. Now you can download and print free, fun-filled activities, such as games, mazes, coloring pages, and much, much more. You can also enjoy free access to the hilarious Wally & Sid Comics on our website. Finally, if you don’t already have a copy of the children’s book that started it all, A Pest at Wiseacre Farms, there is a link on the website to Amazon where the hard cover, paperback and eBook are available.
It’s all there waiting for you at or!”

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Videos / Audio / Books

Brown Bag Films Song Playlist

Via a post by Brown Bag Films : “What better way to spend the day than filling it with music? 🎵 Well, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve whipped up the ultimate playlist for your little ones to sing along to! 🎤🎶” | “We’ve whipped up the ultimate playlist that your kids will spend hours adoring, from Luna’s songs around the world to Daniel Tiger’s favorites!”

Spin Master’s Zo Zo Zombies on Crunchyroll

Via a post by Spin Master : “Looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained while working-from-home? Spin Master’s got you covered with out direct to digital series Zo Zo Zombies on Crunchyroll. Zo Zo Zombie is the best undead friend you never had!”

Highlights Magazine Kids YouTube and More

Via a post by Highlights Magazine : “Thanks POPSUGAR for including our Highlights Kids YouTube channel in this awesome list of at-home learning resources! Watch & subscribe to get hours of free videos at:”

Daily African Safari on Twitch

Via M. Chad De Luca’s comment on Chris Bellinger’s post:
“Depending on how young your children are one thing that’s been a huge savior for the parents at Twitch has been a live streamed African Safari daily on They have a kids program first and then one for older children and adults there’s a second part of the show. They’ve had lions, leopards, elephants, hippopotamuses, hyenas, tortoises, and more. People can ask questions to the hosts and they answer them live and provide really insightful and educational commentary.”

Amazon Kid Shows Unlocked For All

Via : Amazon Unlocks Batch of Kids’ Shows Free to Stream for All Customers

Brandon T. Snider Audiobook, Beezer

Via a post by Brandon T. Snider : “My new audiobook BEEZER has been added to Audible, Inc. Stories! For as long as schools are closed, kids everywhere can instantly stream a curated collection of stories for FREE.” | On the Audible page: “For as long as schools are closed, we’re open. Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Explore the collection, select a title and start listening. It’s that easy.”

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Games (Board/Video/Puzzles)

Board Game Arena : Online Games For Free

Via a post by Big Potato Games : “One of our best discoveries has been Board Game Arena. It has an abundance of cool board games to play online with your friends for free. A bunch of us now play our Thursday lunchtime games over there together 🎲 We highly recommend this site if you fancy a change!”

Activities from Blue Orange Games

Via a post by Coiledspring Games : “Our suppliers have been creating some excellent content that consumers can access at home, print & play! The link below contains an activity booklet from Blue Orange which contains a variety of fun activities to complete from some of your favourite games!”

The Genius of Play : The Cat’s Cradle String Game

Via a post by The Toy Association : “Got string or yarn laying around? Here’s how to use these simple materials to keep your kids busy and entertained for hours.”

State Fair of Texas Digital Puzzles

Via a post by The State Fair of Texas : “Enjoy a good puzzle? We do too! In fact, we love them so much we created a few digital puzzles just for Fair fans like YOU to enjoy!”

Schell Games : 3 Educational Games For Free

Via a post by Schell Games : “To ensure that we promote healthy physical distancing while providing educa­tional content to parents and schools, we’re joining up with the #PlayApartTogether campaign. We’re offering three of our educa­tional games at no charge to make remote education easier on families.”

Coiled Sprint Print and Play

Via a post by Coiledspring Games Limited : “In following Government guidelines, everyone should be staying at home to remain safe. To help keep board gaming spirits alive, we’ve complied downloadable content from our suppliers that you can print off and play for free at home. We will be adding to it over the coming weeks, so make sure to keep checking back!”

Brightlight Games’ “Not So Happy Families” Free Download

Via a post by Tristam Rossin:
We’re giving away our latest game for FREE! Please share so people can have access to this great little family game. Be safe, stay in and enjoy!

Big Potato Games’ “Mr. Lister” Free Download

Via a post by Big Potato Games : Ages 14+ : “We’ve put together a free downloadable version of our 2015 edition game of Mr Lister, which isn’t sold anymore! We hope you enjoy playing 🤠”

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General (Links may have mix of tips, educational, arts/crafts, videos, etc.)

IKEA Guides To Building Forts

Via an article by The Today Show : “Want to build a fort with your kids? Ikea has guides for that.”

Chick-fil-A Together Time Fun Activities For The Family

Via a post by Chic-fil-A : “These days, it’s #thelittlethings that seem to matter most in keeping our minds off of the big things, right? At Chick-fil-A, we are trying to do our part in serving up smiles, with family activities for thanking teachers, giving virtual high fives, and showing appreciation for healthcare heroes. Make your family time fun and friendly with these resources!”

The Big Tex Little Lone Stars Club

Via a post by Sarah Blaskovich on Twitter : “The @StateFairOfTX has a free program called the Big Tex Little Lone Stars Club. The fair will deliver fair-related activities to your home by mail. Dunno exactly what that means, but we signed up for my (almost) 4-yr-old.” | “SADDLE UP AND HEAD TO YOUR MAILBOX! Register your cowboys and cowgirls, ages 12 and younger, in the brand-new Big Tex Little Lone Stars Club. Membership is FREE and includes: fun, Fair-related activities delivered every month, May through September, right to your mailbox; a birthday card from Big Tex himself, and a special sneak peek of the Fair in September. Each member of the Big Tex Little Lone Stars Club will receive their own package – so be sure you register each individual child in your household.”

Note: Sarah Blaskovich is: “Dallas Morning News food writer. Ask me what to do, where to eat or what to drink in Dallas-Fort Worth. Catch me on NBC5 Thursdays & Saturdays.”

Daily Updated List of Many Free Resources by The Toy Insider

Via a post by Laurie Schacht : “This post will continually be updated with additional resources and activities to keep families busy while schools and work are closed. During this odd period of extended school closures and social distancing, families are spending more time at home and looking for ways to pass the time and keep everyone entertained and engaged. Many toy and entertainment companies have a whole host of free content and programming for kiddos to stay occupied while school’s out. There are American Girl advice columns, free Amazon libraries, live virtual concerts, and so much more for families to stay entertained. Check out all of the free resources and activities you’ll need to get through this challenging time.”

Activity Sheets & Games From Brown Bag Films

Via a post by Brown Bag Films : “Looking for some fun activity sheets for the little ones? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of fun resources from our shows like colouring pages, mazes, puzzles and MORE!”

Story Monsters : Top 10 Ways to Keep the Kids from Driving You Insane During Quarantine

Via a post by Story Monsters LLC : “Story Monsters At Home Resource of the Day #2: Many parents are doing their best to navigate this “new normal” that we are experiencing right now — between balancing working from home or at an essential job, overseeing their children’s online learning, and just trying to keep up with regular household dutites — it’s a lot of changes all at once! Children’s author Dan Pegram offers the “Top 10 Ways to Keep the Kids from Driving You Insane During Quarantine!””

Find even more ideas on our Story Monsters At Home resource page: “Story Monsters LLC is here to support students, parents, and educators through school closures and beyond. We believe learning can happen anywhere and at any time, which is why we have created Story Monsters at Home for authors and publishers to contribute their own free or next to free activities, book downloads, and more to help engage students and supplement distance learning plans.”

U and I postcards by LittleConcepts

Via a post by Little Concepts, re-shared by Phil Nelson : “…The “U and I” collection of postcards is designed to bring everyone a little bit closer, but at a safe distance. Helping kids keep in contact with their friends, teachers and family, whilst also finding that perfect balance between home-schooling / work and play. £5 from each pack sold will be donated to Save the Children, helping children access to computers and internet connections. …”

The Genius of Play : Play Today

Via a post by Jennifer Lynch : “The Genius of Play launched its new Play Today initiative and online destination today! Go check it out and don’t forget to #playtoday as you #socialdistance.” | “Play, Learn, Connect : Play is critical to our physical and emotional well-being at any age. In stressful times, play can bring comfort and relieve anxiety. It helps us decompress and stay positive. Welcome to our virtual hub to help bring the joy of play to your family during these uncertain times. Check out our collection of play ideas, expert advice, and other helpful resources. We hope they help your family adjust to the new normal and inspire hours of fun. Stay well and #PlayToday!”

Camp Care Bears Videos & Downloadable Activities

Via a post by Sean Gorman : “Cloudco has launched Camp Care Bears to create an uplifting digital space for families who are staying home to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Camp Care Bears initiative includes livestreams, downloadable activities and group sharing events…”

Dav Pilkey At Home (Dog Man and Captain Underpants)

Via a post by Heidi MacDonald : “The Library of Congress has announced a new program to provide free educational and entertainment resources for families who are staying home and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The LOC announced today they are teaming with cartoonist Dav Pilkey, the best-selling creator of Dog Man and Captain Underpants, for a weekly video series, Dav Pilkey At Home, that will take place on Friday mornings at 8 AM Eastern. Pilkey and publisher Scholastic will also be creating additional videos, and providing printable resources, all of which will start to be available this Wednesday, April 1st…”

Sesame Street Caring

Via a post by License Global Magazine : “Sesame Workshop is offering array of Sesame Street content, including newly produced designed to help parents and caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. “

Highlights Magazine

Via a post by Highlights Magazine :
This week, employees at Highlights for Children have begun working from home, the new normal for the foreseeable future. We know so many parents are facing tremendous circumstances, including many in our workforce. To help, we’re mobilizing to spread the word about free resources to keep kids learning and engaged while families are home together.
If you’re a parent or caregiver who could use a hand, check out these free resources:
1) Hours of free videos featuring puzzles, animated stories and activities for kids at
2) Free printable pages from our workbooks available at
3) Free activities, games, crafts and more on
4) Free activities and resources for parents on
5) Engaging digital play on or any of our apps, available in the App Store or on Google Play
Here is the link to the post with the content above:

Via a post by Highlights : “Over the past few weeks, our teams have been hard at work curating Highlights content into our new, free collection of resources—Highlights@Home! Highlights@Home is a twice-weekly collection of stories, puzzles, videos, crafts, and activities, all designed to keep kids engaged and learning at home, while helping families build happy memories amid all this uncertainty. Check out our first collection, called Find Your Funny Bone, available now.”

Hasbro: Bring Home The Fun

Via a post by Vincent Apollo Imaoka : “Hasbro’s here to help keep families and kids having fun with our #BringTheFunHome campaign! Check out the site we have set up with videos and activities for kids, along with links to kids’ charities to see how you can help.”

Mattel Playroom

Via a post by James Zahn of Adventure Media & Events : “Play is never canceled. That’s the message that Mattel, Inc. is sending to the world on its new resource site for families. Details at The Toy Book — #weknowplay!” | “…the Mattel Playroom. A virtual, singular source of play and hope for parents and caregivers. Activities, expert advice, games and content from all of our amazing brands will now be available in one place. Stay connected, keep laughing and #KeepPlaying.”

LEGO : Let’s Build Together

Via a post by LEGO : “We have joined forces with The LEGO Foundation on two initiatives to help children and families – a US$50million donation to support those most in need and #letsbuildtogether, a campaign to inspire parents and children at home.”

Melissa and Doug

Via Melissa and Doug Website :

“Many of us are adjusting to a “new normal” of more time at home with our kids. At Melissa & Doug, we’re putting our creative brains to work to give you activity ideas to keep your children busy and help you reduce your stress. Below are ideas designed to encourage kids’ independent play so you can get some work done. Try those that might be a good fit for your family, and let us know what is working by posting your experiences with this hashtag: #PowerOfPlay.”

“To all of our stuck inside families, we are so glad to see that these free printables are getting so much love and use, and we hope your kids are finding them to be fun and engaging, too!”

“Parents and caregivers, we understand how difficult this time is for you, for your kids, and for society as a whole. We know creative ideas for getting kids to play (and learn!) while stuck inside are in need right now. That’s why we’ve compiled 20 free printables that make tracing and coloring each letter of the alphabet fun for kids of all ages!”

Schleich : Fun At Home

Via a post by Schleich USA Inc. : “Looking for a creative way to spend the afternoon? Visit the Fun at Home page on our website for tips and tricks to keep your kids entertained and engaged. We will be adding new ideas regularly, so be sure to check in!”

Apple Curated Content Across Apps

Via a post by : “Across the United States and other countries, adults and children alike are stuck in their homes for work, school, and more amid the ongoing pandemic, so Apple has is offering a collection of curated content across all of its apps that’s aimed at families.”

Nickelodeon Parents

Via Nickelodeon :

Nickelodeon Tips, Ideas, Video, etc.

Via a post by RJ Larese : “Nickelodeon has launched a site filled with (free) tips, ideas, and video content to keep kids busy at home during the coronavirus outbreak.”

Canticos Digital Resources For Preschoolers

Via a post by Encantos : “We’re here to support parents, especially during this time! Canticos digital resources for preschoolers have always been FREE: sing-along videos, interactive learning apps, and downloadable activity sheets. Please share with parents looking for educational + engaging content for homeschooling.”

Kidoodle.TV Newsletter, Homeschooling, Tips, etc.

Via a post by Kidoodle.TV and a post by Brenda Bisner : “As many kids are out of school, we know families are needing help now more than ever and #KidoodleTV is offering a helping hand. Introducing Kidoodle.TV’s #HelpfulHands newsletter! Every week we will be providing free & safe resources for families; ranging from homeschooling resources to parent tips to worksheets and activities. Let’s make the most out of your kid’s time at home! Sign up with your email now:”

Big List of Resources via The Toy Insider

Via a post by James Zahn of Adventure Media & Events for The Toy Insider : “Happy Sunday, LinkedIn Friends! For those seeking free resources for kids and families as we work through the age of COVID-19, The Toy Insider has an epic roundup of activities and freebies that are being offered by a variety of companies across toys, games, and family entertainment. Better yet – we’re updating it every day! Check it out for the latest from companies such as Crayola, GoNoodle, Learning Resources, MGA Entertainment, Horizon Group USA, Sesame Workshop, and dozens more!”

List of Resources by Mia Wenjen / PragmaticMom

Via an e-newsletter by Mia Wenjen / : “How is everyone holding up? I thought I would share some fun resources for keeping kids entertained during at home.”
(Note : This is the “view in browser” link from the emailed newsletter)

Via a post by Mia Wenjen / : “I’ve organized ten years of posts here at PragmaticMom into Activities and Learning Resources for #KidLitQuarantine. I hope that it’s helpful for you if you need learning activities while hunkering down at home.”
(This is a BIG list!)

Via a post by Mia Wenjen / : “Free Resources to Keep Kids Active : With schools closing, sports for kids is also uncertain for the upcoming spring season. But for those who want to plan ahead, here are free resources for coaches courtesy of How To Coach Girls.”

Money Masters List

Via a post by Money Masters Inc. (Walter the Vault):
101+ Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy During Coronavirus Closures

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End of Resources for Children List

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Resources for Creatives

Posted on Mar 23, 2020

Last Updated: July 16, 2020 at 12:25 p.m. CST

Below is a link with tons of resources for the creative industry, particularly those who are freelancers/contractors. Will add to the list as more are found.

If you have kids at home, there are many resources via the links on this post:

Please feel free to send more resources & commentary for me to add and I will do so as I can:

Want to comment or send more via social media?
Here is where this article was posted:

List of Resources for Creatives:

Spreadsheet of Opportunities and Candidates:

Anita (Santiago) Castellar created a job share spreadsheet for opportunities and candidates to list themselves (Post on LinkedIn):

I created a #jobshare database on Google drive! I don’t have much but I have my platform and a strong #network to help my friends and colleagues that are #OpenToWork. Many have been displaced due to #COVID. I’m asking you all to share, post, and participate no matter if you are a #jobseeker or if you are #hiring. Let’s get people connected with #opportunities!

Go to the Spreadsheet : Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Many Resource Links at:

Resource Link Categories:

  • General Preparedness
  • Quantifying Economic Impact of Cancelled Work
  • Advocacy, Legal & Financial Information
  • Emergency Funding
  • Community Care & Mutual Aid
  • Working, Gathering, & Teaching Online
  • Health & Mental Heath Resources
  • International Resources (Outside United States)
  • Other Lists & Miscellaneous Wisdom
  • Events (Online Learning & Webinars)
  • Interrupting Racism Resources

This list is specifically designed to serve freelance artists, and those interested in supporting the independent artist community. This includes, but is not limited to, actors, designers, producers, technicians, stage managers, musicians, composers, choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, craft artists, teaching artists, dancers, writers & playwrights, photographers, etc.

What this list IS: an aggregated list of FREE resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines.

What this list IS NOT: a place to promote individual artist practices (we love you, but we’re not equipped for that); a place to promote fee for service work; or a place to seek direct emergency funding.

This link was found via a post by Lance Curan:

Via a post by (SCBWI = Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) : “Kidlit creators! We know you’re looking for resources to get through COVID-19 and we’ve got them coming. (Stay tuned. 🙂) Here’s a list of financial help for freelancers to get you started by #SCBWI member Nancy Castaldo”

Via a post by Laurie Schacht : “Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WIT) is offering complimentary 6-month memberships to those experiencing unemployment or loss of income due to the spread of the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. The offer is presented in the spirit of WIT’s mission to “advance women through leadership, networking, and educational opportunities.””

Direct Link to Form:

Via a mention on NBC 5 DFW news : “Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better.”

Via a shared post by Brilliant Ads : “The UN asks creatives to help fight #Covid19. Read the open brief and share. Let’s put our skills to a noble use!”

Via a post by the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency website : “How to Survive as an Illustrator during the COVID-19 mania”

Via a post by AOI (Association of Illustrators) and a post by Georgia Luckman : “Some excellent advice for Illustrators and other freelance creators working from home #StayInReachOut ⭐” | “What steps can we take next as Illustrators in these uncertain times? I’ve brought together tips and advice that we can use to improve our situation, and continue doing the work we all love”

Zoom Backgrounds

Via a post by WB Games : “Looking for a DC themed virtual background for your next ZOOM call?”

Via a post by Eric Calderon : “For everyone doing Zoom calls from your home, here’s a link that let’s you choose a background from a few of Fox’s animated series to use as your virtual background. Pretty fun and keeps your clients/colleagues from seeing your messy house!”

Via a comment by Billie Tucker Volpe : Pee-wee’s Playhouse

Via a post by Sonic : “Looking for a fun way to add flair to your Zoom meetings? Download our virtual backgrounds and give your coworkers the SONIC they crave!”

Via an article by Forbes : “DoorDash wants to help consumers feel like they are eating in a restaurant despite them not being able to go out during the coronavirus outbreak. The company is offering virtual backgrounds from popular eateries that can be uploaded to video platforms to remind you what going out used to feel like.” | “Hungry for lunch with friends? Same. From your favorite restaurants? Yep. With all your favorite tunes? Delivered! Share a complete (virtual) lunch when you order from the DoorDash Lunchroom. Download video-chat backdrops (at McDonald’s … or on the moon) and music to set the (food) mood. Share the experiences with (virtually) everyone—friends, family, and even some familiar faces you never thought you’d miss.”

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2020!

Posted on Mar 16, 2020

Whether at the end of a rainbow or the bottom of a mug, may luck be with you to find your pot o’ gold.

Leprechauns, Pots of Gold at the Ends of Rainbows, Four Leaf Clovers, Horseshoes, and other St. Patrick's Day and Irish Illustrations by Scott Monaco of QuietYell™ |

See variations and larger images of these promotional games and boardgames illustrations:

Perhaps it is the 1/4 Irish in me, but I’ve always delighted in the ideas of following rainbows to get to pots of gold (does a rainbow come from the pot of gold or does it start elsewhere and find its way to the pot of gold?), the leprechauns that guard it or are stumbled upon out-and-about, and the luck a four-leaf clover may bring.

I recall searching for four-leaf clovers as a child (not as much as an adult…) but alas, I never found one (probably because I don’t think we had clovers of any sort in our yard…). Large rainbows tantalized, yet, my parents frowned upon going on long adventures to reach the end, and I never saw tiny pots of gold at the end of the rainbows I often tried to create from the garden hose.

I’ve always been a fan of leprechauns, fairies, brownies, elves, imps, Smurfs, and the like. Maybe that’s why I’ve always super loved action figures as perhaps they provided a connection to a world of miniature, humanlike supernatural beings. I’ve taken the tricky, crafty, mischievous, selfish nature of leprechauns to heart (I suppose too much so if one were to ask my wife about my behavior). While I never saw them as mean, cruel or evil, it has always seemed that as much as they may not trust humans, we ought to place no trust in their words. Thus, I’ve always preferred representations of leprechauns to have at least a wee bit of naughty to their look. Cute and kind looking leprechauns never seemed to capture any of the leprechauns I’ve met. Of course, one could say that they are surely to be the worst offenders by feigning a trustworthy persona through charm & flattery — us extraordinarily cute people know a thing or two about this.

I guess none of this really has anything to do with foundation of Saint Patrick’s Day as a commemoration and celebration of the missionary, from which the day derives its name, and arrival of Christianity to Ireland — a day to rejoice in for sure. However, with all these fun mythological creatures and stories, how can one resist not enjoying them too?

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Game Assets Added

Posted on Aug 12, 2019

More game assets have been added — Valentine’s Day, Easter, St.Patrick’s Day, Flowers, Balloons, Beer, Chocolate, Gold, and more!

Go over to the assets section and see them at larger size. More to come soon!

QuietYell & Scott Monaco : New Game Assets Added

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The Animoodles™ Celebration Poster

Posted on Jun 15, 2019

A new painted illustration added! : The Animoodles™ Celebration Poster

A poster celebrating the joyful story and achievements of The Animoodles™ plush toys by Marissa Louie & team, including two successful Kickstarter campaigns, the prestigious Women In Toys recognition & award of Marissa Louie, many industry & retail accolades, and many more, not to mention simply bringing the innovative, fun, cute, and diversity-focused dream into reality.

Learn more about Animoodles and purchase your’s at:

The Animoodles™ Celebration Poster by Scott Monaco of QuietYell™ for Marissa Louie, founder of The Animoodles™ Plush Toys :

Vintage and Grayscale Variants
Vintage and Grayscale Variants of The Animoodles™ Celebration Poster by Scott Monaco of QuietYell™ for Marissa Louie, founder of The Animoodles™ Plush Toys :

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Plum and Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Milk Flavored Lays Chips

Posted on Mar 10, 2019

What beautiful packaging for interesting flavored potato chips by Lays. I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of flavors in the Lays chips I see when visiting family in Taiwan and am so glad to see more of them now at our Asian groceries in Dallas, TX. It is hard to tell from the photo, but both the Plum and Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Milk packages have a nice metallic sheen to them.

Plum and Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Milk Flavored Lays Potato Chips

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Funko KFC Colonel Sanders (And Golden Girls Sophia)

Posted on Mar 4, 2019

Yay! My Funko KFC Colonel Sanders arrived! He makes the perfect mate for my Funko Golden Girls Sophia. Cheer for Chicken & Cheesecake Charm!

Funko Pop KFC Colonel Sanders

Funko Pop KFC Colonel Sanders Figure

Funko Pop KFC Colonel Sanders and Golden Girls Sophia Fiigures

Learn More

Funko :

KFC : |

I also picked up another Funko treat: Rick And Morty Cereal via Target! I hear that the trick to it is keeping 70% of it above the milk.

Funko Pop Funko's Cereal Adult Swim Rick And Morty

Learn More

Funko :

Rick And Morty :

Adult Swim :

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Sumo Joe Pre-Order Available Now

Posted on Feb 21, 2019

Ahhh! Here is the book I’ve been waiting for with excitement. Two people I admire and delight in have come together to make “Sumo Joe”. Congratulations to Mia Wenjen and Nat Iwata on this book; it’s sure to be wonderful! And congratulations to Lee and Low Books for bringing all of this to the world.

Pre-order on Amazon here (Out May 14th):

Sumo Joe Children's Picture Book by Mia Wenjen and Illustrated by Nat Iwata

About the Book

On Saturday mornings, Sumo Joe is a gentle big brother to his little sister. But on Saturday afternoons, he and his friends are sumo wrestlers! They tie on makeshift mawashi belts, practice drills like teppo, and compete in their homemade dohyo ring. They even observe sumo’s ultimate rule: no girls allowed! But when Sumo Joe’s little sister wants to join in the fun, Sumo Joe is torn between the two things he’s best at—sumo, and being a big brother.Fists, feet, and martial art forms collide in this sweet yet spirited rhyming story by author Mia Wenjen and illustrator Nat Iwata.

Buy the Book

More Info

For more info about the book, Mia Wenjen, and Nat Iwata along with a GIVEAWAY! go to:

More About Mia Wenjen

More About Nat Iwata

More About Lee And Low

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