Creative & Art Direction, Illustration, Design, Intellectual Property Development

QuietYell™ is a developer of lifestyle and novelty brands, illustrations, and designs for licensing and merchandising into physical products, digital downloads, client brand development & marketing efforts, and more. Founded in 2006 by Scott Monaco.

Scott Monaco has 25 years of creative leadership and visual development experience in the advertising and intellectual property development industries. His art direction roles and entrepreneurial ventures relied upon and cultivated his abilities to develop and deploy business and creative vision, present to and meet with clients and potential business partners, and manage projects and vendors.

Scott’s prevailing point of view is that people want to be heard, understood, and respected; in short, they want to be valued. Thus, he strives to actively listen and engage in thorough and ongoing communication for clarity of expectations and comprehension, as well as, collaborate and exchange feedback in a respectful way both internally and with external parties.

In this spirit, while passionate about the ideas he brings forth, he does so with a humble confidence, willing to adapt to someone else’s vision and treat it as it were his own, especially in the interest of finding the best solutions to the challenges set forth.

This quest is met with him striving towards storytelling—touching both the emotions and intellect—and asserting that maintaining brand integrity while clearly communicating the heart and soul of the brand is paramount.

Mr. Monaco’s leadership qualifications are amplified by his experience and skills in a wide range of visual development disciplines. His passion for and proficiency in illustration is his distinct strength undergirding branding, merchandising, advertising, and digital/media development.

Bringing a wealth of experience and creative talents, Scott looks forward to partnering with others in our adventure to engage challenges and contribute positively to the world.

Primary Focus:
• Consultation and Strategy
• Creative and Art Direction
• Marketing Communications
• Branding and Intellectual Properties
• Illustration and Graphic Design
• Media & Products (Physical & Digital)

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Select Client, Vendor, Partnership, Licensing, & Business Relationship Experience of Scott Monaco (Owner of QuietYell™)

The Brand Experience of Scott Monaco of QuietYell™

• Alaska Airlines
• Alienware/Dell

• American Floral Industry Association
• Aristocrat
• AT&T
• Chad Hennings (NFL)
• Cinemark
• Commonwealth Toy
• Cool Cuts 4 Kids

• Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

• Dallas Desperados (AFL)

• Dallas Market Center

• Dallas Mavericks (NBA)

• Daystar Cable TV Network
• Dell

• EllenTube
• Emmitt Smith (NFL)
• Epoch Times
• Epsilon
• Flybar

• Fossil Watch
• FunSparks Games

• GameStop

• Gameworks
• General Motors
• Goliath Games
• Intel

• Justin Leonard (PGA)

• LeapFrog (Educational Toys)
• Learfield/IMG
• Michael’s Arts & Crafts
• Mike Modano (NHL)
• Mimi’s Cafe

• Nest Family Entertainment
• Nikko America R/C Cars
• Nuance
• Out of the Box Games

• Pecan Deluxe Candy Company

• Pacific Retail
• Patron
• Penton Media (Penton Restaurant Group)

• RadioShack

• Rent One
• Samsung

• Scheels
• Scholastic Books

• Service Experts
• Sezzle
• Sony Pictures
• Southwest Airlines

• Starlight Power (Texas Power Online)

• Sunstone Yoga
• Swurfer

• T-Mobile
• Texas Instruments
• Tiki Toss

• Troy Aikman (NFL)

• TXU Energy
• Universal Pictures
• Verizon
• Wipro

• Yao Ming (NBA)

• And Many More…