“My Mask Design” Coloring Activity Sheet Download Added!

Posted on Jun 4, 2020

While face masks have been frequently worn in Asia for some time now, they are a new practice for children in other parts of the world. It can feel a bit awkward at first, but there’s a world open to explore, and a mask (along with social distancing) can offer some protection in these times. This coloring sheet offers a playfully imaginative world of face mask wearers and the opportunity for the child to design the face mask imagery they would like to see.

NOTE: This “My Mask Design” activity sheet is merely for fun and not a substitute for a real mask. Please consult experts for the appropriate masks to wear and how they may be acquired.

Let me know what you think and how we can collaborate to make the world a better and more exciting place!

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Coloring Activity Sheet to Design Your Own Face Mask For Fun by Scott Monaco of QuietYell LLC | www.QuietYell.com

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Below are links regarding face masks, including details from the “most comprehensive study to date” paid for by the World Health Organization:





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