Happy Easter 2020!

Posted on Apr 8, 2020

Happy Easter! May you have a hoppin’ life to come!

Bunnies, Chickadees, Tulips, Eggs, Chocolate Candy, and more Easter Illustrations  by Scott Monaco of QuietYell™ | www.QuietYell.com

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In our household when I was a child, while we colored eggs in the days leading up to it, Easter morning itself was met with a search for plastic eggs (the colored hard-boiled eggs were used to make macaroni salad and egg salad sandwiches). The penultimate challenge was finding the Easter basket filled with delights (definitely foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies, chocolate-malt eggs, & jelly beans, but also usually little toys & tchotchkes as well). Who would’ve thought that a big basket was actually able to be hidden?!

As I got older (and the same for my younger siblings), the basket wasn’t hidden but withheld. I could only get the basket if I found the white hard-boiled egg, which was often very craftily hidden and quite hard to find. I think my father took a deeply naughty joy at seeing our difficulty to find it since he taunted us so gleefully. There was always that threat of the unfound egg becoming a stinky rotten egg, especially because as he also got older, he would forget where he hid the egg too!

I think the Easter Bunny is a pretty happy fellow. Lots of chocolates & candies, lots of colorful eggs & decor, and lots of playful hiding & finding. But let’s be honest, entering into everyone’s home to hide eggs and give chocolates is a bit looney.

What a great inspiration to my life that bunny has been!

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