Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2020!

Posted on Mar 16, 2020

Whether at the end of a rainbow or the bottom of a mug, may luck be with you to find your pot o’ gold.

Leprechauns, Pots of Gold at the Ends of Rainbows, Four Leaf Clovers, Horseshoes, and other St. Patrick's Day and Irish Illustrations by Scott Monaco of QuietYell™ | www.QuietYell.com

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Perhaps it is the 1/4 Irish in me, but I’ve always delighted in the ideas of following rainbows to get to pots of gold (does a rainbow come from the pot of gold or does it start elsewhere and find its way to the pot of gold?), the leprechauns that guard it or are stumbled upon out-and-about, and the luck a four-leaf clover may bring.

I recall searching for four-leaf clovers as a child (not as much as an adult…) but alas, I never found one (probably because I don’t think we had clovers of any sort in our yard…). Large rainbows tantalized, yet, my parents frowned upon going on long adventures to reach the end, and I never saw tiny pots of gold at the end of the rainbows I often tried to create from the garden hose.

I’ve always been a fan of leprechauns, fairies, brownies, elves, imps, Smurfs, and the like. Maybe that’s why I’ve always super loved action figures as perhaps they provided a connection to a world of miniature, humanlike supernatural beings. I’ve taken the tricky, crafty, mischievous, selfish nature of leprechauns to heart (I suppose too much so if one were to ask my wife about my behavior). While I never saw them as mean, cruel or evil, it has always seemed that as much as they may not trust humans, we ought to place no trust in their words. Thus, I’ve always preferred representations of leprechauns to have at least a wee bit of naughty to their look. Cute and kind looking leprechauns never seemed to capture any of the leprechauns I’ve met. Of course, one could say that they are surely to be the worst offenders by feigning a trustworthy persona through charm & flattery — us extraordinarily cute people know a thing or two about this.

I guess none of this really has anything to do with foundation of Saint Patrick’s Day as a commemoration and celebration of the missionary, from which the day derives its name, and arrival of Christianity to Ireland — a day to rejoice in for sure. However, with all these fun mythological creatures and stories, how can one resist not enjoying them too?

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