Coolorus with Brushbox and Kyle’s Brushes = Awesome!

Posted on Dec 25, 2018

Over the past year or so, I’ve been using Coolorus as my color picker. Found out about it via Simona Ceccarelli in the SVSLearn Forums (

I meant to post about it long ago but… well, here I am now 😁

Per their site: “Coolorus is a color wheel plugin for Adobe® Photoshop®, inspired by Corel® Painter® color picker.”

I’ve found it preferable to the standard Photoshop color picker and it seems to have sped up my workflow too.

I usually have it without the panels/sliders on (if I need sliders, I just use the standard Photoshop Color Panel that is always available in my closed tab list); however, below, I show a screengrab with them turned off and on so both options can be seen.

The screengrabs also show the Brushbox plugin that I’ve loved using for the past couple of years. I wrote a post about it back, roughly when it came out at the end of 2016:

BrushBox Plugin to Organize Photoshop Tools/Brushes

I show my favorites in one view, and my “everything” in another (There are far, far too many brushes to actually show everything)

Speaking of brushes, I have most of the Kyle’s Brushes, which are just wonderfully made — Kyle’s Brushes are now part of Adobe Creative Cloud:

We’re excited to announce that Adobe has acquired As of today, all Creative Cloud customers will gain exclusive access to over 1,000 high-quality, digital brushes at no additional cost. Digital brushes offer illustrators, animators and designers a rich digital painting experience when working in Photoshop CC and Photoshop Sketch.

As part of the acquisition, Kyle T. Webster, an international award-winning illustrator and leader in the field of digital brush creation, also joins Adobe. He will work closely with Adobe product teams on the development of future brushes for Creative Cloud.

“For years, Kyle has created the world’s best-selling Photoshop brushes for professional illustrators, animators and designers,” said Maria Yap, Adobe Senior Director of Digital Imaging Product Management. “We’re thrilled to bring his award-winning brushes to all Creative Cloud members and at the same time gain Kyle’s expertise to enhance Adobe’s digital drawing experience for designers in the future.”

“I’m honored to join the Adobe team, and excited that all CC members now have access to my vast collection of digital brushes,” said Kyle. “I know the team well and have collaborated with Adobe in the past, including the recent Hidden Treasures of Creativity campaign, a fun project where we recreated the over 100-year old paint brushes of Edvard Munch.”


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Kyle’s Brushes:
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Coolorus color picker plugin and BrushBox brush organizing plugin with Kyle's Brushes in Adobe Photoshop

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