Procreate Play & Learn (The First Month)

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

After years of waiting for it, I finally got an iPadPro2 when it was released last month and have been playing with Procreate.

I definitely enjoy the program and am becoming more comfortable with using it.

I don’t feel like I can do quite what I can in Photoshop on my laptop, but actually, I think that’s a good thing as it is prompting different approaches & results.

Also not sure quite how it’ll fit into my workflow just yet. I’d love to hear how others here switch between Procreate & Photoshop. What determines the work you do via each platform? Do you start on one and finish on another? etc. Feel free to send an email or share on one of my social media accounts:

So far, I think the included brushes are more than adequate (I use the HB Pencil & Acrylic Brushes the most so far); however, I do find some of the brushes by Max Ulichney to be quite useful (particularly some of the Comics ones for line work). Put links to his sites here:

Thought I’d share here what I’ve been playing with on Procreate in my very limited free time this past month.

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