Kachada Series by Don Sedei

Posted on Nov 11, 2018

Don Sedei is a dear friend, and the first book of his 3-book Kachada series, “DAY ONE: Birth is a Death Sentence,” is out for pre-order. Buy a copy (or a thousand) : www.DonSedei.com — ISBN-13: 9781642372816 — Available via Barnes & Noble, Amazon, GooglePlay, Kobo

About the Book

From the beginning, Kachada knew his life was destined to be anything but normal when his mother whispered in his ear at birth. “Kachada. Remember: Birth is a death sentence, so make every minute count.”

At an early age, Kachada is forced to live his future not by the years or months but by the minute. This unlikely tale, where two parallel universes–the chilling ancestral traditions of the Comanche Tribe and the ruthless code of the Sicilian Mafia–mysteriously intersect will make your palms sweat as your emotions ricochet between loving, crying, hating, praying, and cheering for Kachada as the riddles of his malevolent past help him to cope with his precarious future.

He courts death like a smitten lover chasing every new minute as a second chance at life taking us on an unimaginable journey vowing to mete out justice to those who deserve it most, promising to leave no enemy alive.

You might like to make your friends aware of this ruthless assassin named Kachada before he decides to drop in on them unexpectedly. The best way to do so is by reading, Day One: Birth is a death sentence, an intense fiction thriller and the first of a three-part series that will reside on the backside of your eyelids causing many a restless night.

To learn more about the Kachada Series, please visit my website at donsedei.com

About the Author

When I graduated from La Roche College with a B.S. in Advertising Design, I set out to be the best designer in the world and spent my career immersed in the world of advertising and marketing, creating original ideas for some of the world’s largest clients to some of the world’s smallest clients fighting the disease of mediocrity. Chasing my dreams has been a lifelong passion that opened new doors, including the ones to my own ad agency, built on a simple mantra: “Every brand has a soul. But not every agency has the heart to find it. We do.” Likewise, I believe every story possesses a soul and in this case, the untold story of Day One: Birth is a death sentence is a chilling fiction thriller and the first of a three-part series where Kachada, the protagonist, has the heart and courage to expose his without any remorse. My background in advertising has exposed me to a collection of unique experiences that have informed Kachada’s chaotic and unpredictable life. To learn more about the Kachada Series, please visit my website at donsedei.com

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