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Posted on Jun 4, 2018

AlienwareArena.comThese past months I’ve had the great pleasure of illustrating assets & re-skinning loyalty rewards games (LRG) with Cataboom for Alienware Arena (The community site for Alienware, Dell’s gaming computer division).

In addition to creating assets & skins for “generic” Alienware LRG, I’ve also gotten to skin LRG for branded games’ promotions with many more to come (I may update the list below later). These include:

I have not posted the game screenshots yet (other than the branded ones in this article), nor the tons of other assets developed, not to mention work done with Cataboom for other brands (e.g. NTT DATA). Maybe someday…

But until then, below is a sampling with more that can be seen in a new “Assets” section of this site which will contain Characters, Props, Environments/Backgrounds, GUI, and other assets for games, apps, & video/animation:

Also, be sure to check out the Concept Art section which has pre-production assets: Concept Art and the sketches sections which have a lot of characters in them: Sketches (Select) & Sketches (Archive)

Game assets developed by Scott Monaco / QuietYell with Cataboom for AlienwareArena

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