25,000 Pins!

Posted on Jun 5, 2017

A New Milestone Reached! Over 25,000 Illustration, Design, and Other Art Pins into my Pinterest account. Pins Are Curated Into Boards Spanning: Different *Genre Types, Character Types, Environment Types, and Vehicle & Object Types, as well as Textures, Patterns, Branding & Packaging Design, Advertising, Character Bento, Wagashi, and Much More! (*Genre = Children’s Illustration, Earthy-Rustic-Folk, Manga/Anime, Fantasy/SciFi, Pop Culture, Etc.)

I have found Pinterest to be a great resource to learn & be inspired from. I’m so glad to have all these pins organized to share! Look forward to seeing what pins you share. Be sure to follow at Pinterest.com/ScottMonaco and of course, on my other social media accounts too:

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