Marks And Splashes Guest Group Critique with Chris Schechner

Posted on May 23, 2017

My dear friend, Chris Schechner ( | Instagram @chrisschechner), will be the guest instructor in the upcoming live webinar for the Guest Group Critique of – YAY! Go sign up!


Being May, this may be the month for your online presence as a children’s book illustrator to blossom. In the next Guest Group Critique we’ll look again at your online portfolios, illustrators websites and blog sites.

Our guest instructor for this month’s interactive live session, graphic designer Chris Schechner plans to help us answers questions like, how does your garden – I mean illustrator’s website – grow? What should we plant there and/or mercilessly weed away to attract art directors, editors and agents, and other potential art clients. How can we as, illustrators and author-illustrators make every day we’re online feel like spring?

We’re set for 7 p.m. (U.S. Central Time) Wednesday, May 31.

Chris’s design firm Schechner and Associates has completed work for publishers, ad agencies, banks, law firms, a seminary, churches and groups (such as the North Texas Chapter of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.)

For 25 years he served as art director of Pockets, the widely circulated children’s devotional magazine published by the Upper Room. Chris has worked with and helped hundreds of children’s illustrators over his career.

He’s fun, wicked sharp and he’ll make you laugh. Also, he understands artists, being one, a talented cartoon illustrator, himself. (See pen and ink image, right.)

He’s set a deadline of Tuesday evening, May 30 to get your website or portfolio URL to the list. He’ll look at all of the submitted sites, but pick only ten to speak to in our live session when we look at how to keep our site fresh, appealing and competitive in the children’s publishing market.

You can opt for just this month’s single Group Critique session with Chris (replay included.) Or subscribe monthly for just $10 per month, which gets you access to everything going back two years, including last month’s group critique with agents Jill Corcoran and Jodell Sadler of Jill Corcoran Literary. (They also focused on online portfolios.)

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