BrushBox Plugin to Organize Photoshop Tools/Brushes

Posted on Dec 28, 2016

Having purchased all of Kyle Webster’s brushes (technically they are “tools”) over time, there are so many tools/brushes that the list gets quite intimidating even after I renamed & organized for clarity.

So… I preordered BrushBox, a new bush & tool organizing plugin, a couple weeks ago and just finally got around to installing it. This looks to be quite promising for increasing workflow efficiency, so I thought I’d share in case others here are looking for something like this:
(Created By:

There are likely to be some improvements/updates to the plugin in the near future; though, it seems to already be an amazing help just as it is right now!

BTW, here are Kyle’s Brushes:
(Created By:

Here are screen grabs from my Photoshop:

01: Original Tool List (standard Photoshop tool listing with my renaming & organizing)


02: BrushBox Folder List


03: BrushBox Folder Expanded to Show Tool List-View


04: BrushBox Folder Expanded to Show Tool Icon-View


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