What art supply would you give your 9 year old self?

Posted on Dec 23, 2016

Another artist posed the question:

What art supply would you give your 9 year old self?

Here’s my response:

stuartngbooksAt the moment, I am thinking about the “Art of [Some Favorite Animation/Film]” kinds of books (like “Art of Zootopia” or “Designing The Secret of Kells” or “Art of Spirited Away” or “The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens“, etc.). I didn’t have those back then, but I think that it would have been inspirational & aspirational for me [also showing me how these were created, which would have set me off on the right foot early on]. A place to start for perusing them (or buying) might be http://stuartngbooks.com/; though, you won’t likely be able to get an order by Christmas, unless you live or are traveling in/near Torrence, California!

prismacolorsAlso, a lot of my inspiration and initial development came from comic books & copying the art there…

As far as art supplies… I probably would have benefited from a Prismacolor set and decent paper. I think it would make a good compliment to the watercolors that Simona mentioned, allowing her to explore wet & dry media and consider mixed media.

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