Do you add texture to your drawings?

Posted on Sep 30, 2016

A question was posed by another artist regarding a painting of a dog they were working on (they were particularly asking in regards to fur):

svslearn_therese-larsson_painting-furDo you add texture to your drawings?

Here were my thoughts:

Painterly vs. Textured is really a personal stylistic choice.

I tend towards highly rendered & textured work (or totally graphical too actually). has a great video on “Painting Fur & Hair with Therese Larsson” that may be helpful for you in making a decision.

I tend to paint like she showed, but I also learned a lot & adopted a lot from how Aaron Blaise paints (overall, but also fur). In fact, it was this video of his (“Speed Painting – Photoshop Rajah from “Aladdin””) that prompted me to purchase some of his tutorials, brushes & such a year or 2 ago:

Note: Aaron has Fur & Hair brushes for sale on his site: However, I only tend to use these for things like facial hair or small hair areas (like the snout of an animal) and often it serves just as a quick underlay or as a texture enhancement overlay. The bulk of the hair/fur is done by volume shaping first then getting more detailed with each pass (Like you’ll see in the video by Therese, Aaron, and the examples below)

I grabbed other tutorial images & videos from my Pinterest board “Technique


Video watching fox fur being painted:

Step-By-Step Image with text:

3 Step Image:

More detailed series of images with instructions:

Image of Step-By-Step Instructions for Human Hair:

Image of Human Hair Instructions Part 1 (I think):

Image of Human Hair Instructions Part 2:

Image of Human Hair Instructions Part 3:

Image of Human Hair Instructions Part 4:

Image of Hair References:

Hope all of this helps!

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