Where are you from and what projects are you busy with?

Posted on Sep 15, 2016

Another artist posed a question in a forum:

Where are you from and what projects are you busy with?

My answer:

I’m from Dallas, Texas

I work mostly in 2D Digital (Photoshop, Illustrator)
(Though looking to go back to and incorporate traditional as well. I miss inking, acrylics, gouache, & colored pencils)

Origin was illustration, but the past 18 or so years have mostly been in the advertising & intellectual property development industries, doing creative & art direction, ad campaign dev., content dev., logo & brand dev., graphic design, web design & dev., product & presentation dev., strategy & biz dev., etc. (Probably easier to just go here: http://quietyell.com/resume/)

Going back to roots of illustration with the intent to re-enter the children’s media market (PB/MG/YA book/periodical, packaging, toy/stationary/other-product, game, etc.) with an illustration focus for myself. Working on developing industry relevant illustration portfolios while attempting to improve a variety of aspects in my work (drawing, painting/rendering, concept/narrative/story-telling, speed, etc.), as well as learning & “networking” as much as possible.

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