2011 Monster Head Series Preview

Posted on Aug 14, 2011

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QuietYell™ Featured Product Design: The Monsters 2011 01 - Visit www.QuietYell.com and Find QuietYell on CafePress & Zazzle

Here is a preview of the 2011 QuietYell Monster Head Series

Scary monsters creeping & lurking about in the shadows of night. Inside you feel the QuietYell™ before you scream! Release the QuietYell™ by purchasing these monster products!

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QuietYell's The Bride of Frankenstein on CafepressQuietYell's The Creature on CafepressQuietYell's El Diablo on CafepressQuietYell's Dracula on CafepressQuietYell's Frankenstein's Monster on CafepressQuietYell's Jack-O'-Lantern on CafepressQuietYell's The Mummy on CafepressQuietYell's The Werewolf (Brown) on CafepressQuietYell's The Witch on CafepressQuietYell's The Zombie on Cafepress

And a single snapshot preview of 2011 QuietYell™ Halloween!

QuietYell & Alexandre Marengo bring you… Mr. Seed E. the walking Jack-O’-Lantern who is all sorts of creepy! He’ll ask you, “Trick or Treat?!” but it’s always a trick with Seed! Express your QuietYell™ in alerting the public on Mr. Seed E. by purchasing these products!  Click on him below to go see his products!

QuietYell & Alexandre Marengo bring you Mr. Seed E on Cafepress!

Get to know Alexandre Marengo here: