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Posted on Jan 1, 2006
QuietYell™ : Audibly Silent. Visually Loud.™
An explosion from the mind of Scott Monaco & partners

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The Illustration and Design Work of QuietYell and Scott Monaco

About Scott Monaco:



Scott Monaco is a visionary entrepreneur & creative leader, having excelled for over 13 years in brand development & communications, ergonomics & design, and site/app & information architecture applying towards intellectual property & entertainment development, illustration, product design, graphic design, advertising, web design & development, game and app design & development, and events amidst other similar disciplines. His creative leadership has led him to be the founder of multiple endeavors (including Spiniker Media Group, QuietYell, MeMe & My World Inc.) as well as hold art direction & design positions at multiple agencies (Ignition Industrial Design, Calise & Sedei Advertising Agency & Springboard Agency). Mr. Monaco has served as an equity holder & Chief Creative Officer for Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc. and as Senior Consultant & Team Leader for Social Media Analysts LLC. He has also held positions as Senior Vice President of Technology & Product Development for Neotive Gateway Solutions & as Vice President of Community Development for Mexia Holdings Inc./Freestone Natural Gas Solutions.

Through his ventures and for large corporations across several industries, Mr. Monaco has directed & worked in an extensive variety of disciplines from ideation to realization in brand, intellectual property, product, traditional & new media development to their exploitation in marketing & advertising across print, radio, tv, internet, convention, etc.

Disciplines of Mr. Monaco’s Active Involvement Include:

  • Concept Ideation & Strategy Development
    (intellectual property & brand, interactive systems, physical & digital product, marketing & advertising, etc.)
  • Creative & Art Direction
    (print, radio, tv, product, photo shoots, etc.)
  • Brand & Intellectual Property Development
    (character & storyline, logos & corporate identity, merchandising & licensing, restaurant, retail, entertainment venue, etc.)
  • Product & Packaging Development
    (R&D, concept, ergonomics, book & magazine, ticketing, dvd/cd, toy & gift, board game, plush & puppet, apparel & accessory, stationary, tech gadget, etc.)
  • Graphics & Illustration Development
    (2D, 3D, hand & computer, etc.)
  • Marketing & Advertising
    (print/radio/tv/internet ads, direct mail, brochure & sales collateral, exhibit & trade show, in-store POS, promotional, menu, etc.)
  • Web & Interactive Development
    (information architecture, marketing & functionally expansive websites, intranets/extranets, presentations, social media systems, mobile apps, virtual world gaming, etc.)
  • Animation & Video Development
    (tv commercial, internet ads, presentations, etc.)

Clients Have Included:

  • Consumer Products/Services/Distribution & Entertainment Companies
    Fossil Watch, LeapFrog, GameStop, Walmart, Blockbuster, Gameworks, Daystar TV, Urban America TV Network, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Desperados, Yao Ming, Troy Aikman, Mike Modano, Ace Cash Express, Service Experts, Cool Cuts 4 Kids, Stick Networks, Pecan Deluxe Candy Company, Boy Scouts of America, etc.
  • Business Products/Services/Distribution Companies & Conventions
    Samsung, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Fujitsu, DSC, Alcatel, Advanced Fiber Communication, Santera Systems, Tidel, Taqua Voip, TXU Energy, Starlight Power (Now “Texas Power Online”), American Floral Industry Association, People Solutions / Portenta HR System, etc.

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About GrapevineStar Entertainment Inc.:

GrapevineStar™ integrates intellectual properties with new media solutions, products & events as a sustainable growth multiplier for clients, brand marketers, studios, licensors & licensees.

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