ObeyGiant We The People Art Downloads

Posted on Mar 9, 2017


Maybe I wasn’t paying attention the past two months, but I just found out that Shepard Fairey‘s We The People art that we’ve all seen is actually available for download on ObeyGiant.com from PragmaticMom.com‘s Instagram Account @PragmaticMom (her Twitter is @PragmaticMom). The best part… They are 18″x24″ @ 300dpi! (Pictured above are my 2 favorites of the 5 in the downloadable series)

WE THE PEOPLE art is now FREE to the public. Download it, print it, paste it, pin it to your wall, share it, and use it to come together as one. Download here and help us defend dignity, protect each other, and be greater than fear. Thanks for caring!

ATTENTION: This download is not to be reproduced for sales merchandise or for-profit materials.

The ObeyGiant Download Page

The Direct Link to the Downloads on TheAmplifierFoundation.org Page

We The People Art Avail. To Download For Free!

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Josh Funk’s Stinky Stench Pre-Order Giveaway!

Posted on Feb 28, 2017


I loved the previous book, Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast, and am sure that the sequel, The Case of the Stinky Stench (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast), will be just as wonderful!

In celebration of Pancake Day (Today, Tuesday, February 28th), Josh Funk is “sending swag out to anyone who pre-orders a copy*” of his new book.

Josh-Funk_GiveawayTO ENTER: snap a picture of your receipt and send it to joshfunkbooks+giveaway [at] gmail [dot] com along with your snail mail address.

To top it off, I’m picking ONE lucky winner to get personalized signed copies of both Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast AND The Case of the Stinky Stench. Good luck! And may the syrup be ever in your flavor!

* giveaway is open until May 1, 2017 to U.S. residents only, while supplies last.

The info about the giveaway and events Josh will be attending, is on his website:

Stinky Stench Pre-Order Giveaway!

Follow Josh Funk:






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Acoustic Heart

Posted on Feb 27, 2017

I found “Acoustic Heart” to be a convicting & beautifully touching 30min documentary on NHK World’s program Inside Lens, showing the power of music & compassionate relationships to overcome disabilities in this lovely & talented young woman’s life:

From NHK World
Inside Lens (Program Info) : Acoustic Heart (Episode Info)
Director: Hyun Jinsik


© NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Watch Video
(Available until March 12, 2017):


Broadcast on February 26, 2017

Guitarist Kim Jihee (21) has an intellectual disability. Intellectual disability manifests itself as a lack of learning ability and social skills. Being around classmates who do not understand her, Jihee has so far spent dark, lonely days with not even one friend. But as Jihee learned to play the guitar, she started to change. Now, she has grown into a guitarist performing on numerous stages. The guitar, as Jihee’s best friend, has allowed her to get in touch with the world. However, she is still unskilled in communicating with others. The sound of her voice and guitar are not strong enough to fully reach the audience. Nevertheless, people give Jihee a big applause because of the fact that she has a disability. Jihee aspires to become a better musician. But as she gets close to a wall—the absence of creativity—she encounters limitations as a musician, too early on. There is, however, no limit to her efforts to flourish as a musician. In the meantime, Jihee is entering the society, a step at a time.

Director: Hyun Jinsik
Location: South Korea
Duration: 28 min.
Genre: Life / Music / Social Issue
Air Date (JST): Monday, February 27, 2017

Available until March 12, 2017


EDIT: The video posted above ended its availability but has been replayed on NHK’s Inside Lens throughout the year; however, the website link changes (for example, it was played on 12/17/17 and available until 12/31/17 at a different link: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/vod/lens/2056021/). It may be necessary to go to NHK’s video-on-demand section and search for “Acoustic Heart”. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/vod/

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The World Illustration Awards 2017

Posted on Jan 19, 2017


The World Illustration Awards are open to illustrators in any country working in any medium or context.

Work entered for the competition must have been created or published between 1st January 2016 to close of competition February 2017. Work in any medium can be entered in any category.

ENTER BY MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2017 EXTENDED to February 20th!

Promotional Postcard PDF

Details at: theaoi.com/awards

© 2017 Association Of Illustrators | Illustration © Daria Pertilli

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A Jorge R. Gutierrez Mural in Dallas

Posted on Jan 17, 2017


I never realized that Jorge R. Gutierrez (“Director of The Book of Life and creator (with muse Sandra Equihua) of Nickelodeon’s El Tigre, The Adventures of Manny Rivera.” | http://www.super-macho.com/) had a mural here in Dallas (@ Long Building, 2801 Elm St., Dallas, TX 75226 – Technically, behind in “July Alley“). He posted about it today on his Twitter & Instagram accounts, referencing 42Murals.com IG: @43Murals



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Revitalizing China’s Depopulated Villages Through Art

Posted on Jan 13, 2017

I have had the opportunity to travel all over China. In particular, I have been to rural & impoverished areas similar as shown in the video below. So many memories were brought back by this 30 minute documentary.

From NHKWorld

Asia Insight : Working to Revive China’s Depopulated Villages

Watch Video (Available until January 26, 2017):

Broadcast on January 12, 2017

Depopulation of rural areas has become a serious issue in China, where economic growth has led the vast majority of youth to migrate to urban eras. Homes and fields that had supported families for generations are now falling into disrepair, with only a handful of villagers left to maintain them. Although the younger generation shows no signs of returning, outside groups are instead finding creative uses for the rustic area: Artists have recently established studios in the village, inspired by the rich history and nature that abound there. In this episode, we explore the current state of China’s rural farming villages, and the movements that are bringing new life to them.

Available until January 26, 2017

What I found encouraging in this video is how art is being used to facilitate bringing restoration & hope, relationship & community, and life & vitality back into these crumbling villages and increasingly isolated lives. Artists have come to create & display art as they live there, restore buildings, and enter into community with the locals

This reminds me a little bit of what The Stewpot here in Dallas does, in part, with the homeless in the arts.

Both express a significant aspect of my heart and the hope I have for my creative endeavors in bringing restoration to people through art. They make me consider how we creatives can use our art to facilitate bringing life & vitality back to crumbling/depraved areas & lives.

The video is worth a watch, but is only available for the next couple of weeks.

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James Christensen

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

I found out yesterday that James Christensen died on January 8, 2017, of cancer at the age of 74.

He was one of my influences, of which I recall spending quite a bit of time going through a couple of his books, in particular, I was enamored his work in “A Journey of the Imagination: The Art of James Christensen” and also loved his work in “Voyage of the Basset“.

His ornately costumed characters captivated me, and his flying fish with flying boats furthered the sense of magic & adventure for me.

I pulled my books off the shelf and think I’ll spend some time with at least a portion of the amazing work that Mr. Christensen created.

Learn more about James Christensen at:



Google Image Search on “James Christensen”


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New Case for Ink & Marker Refills

Posted on Jan 7, 2017

case-for-ink-marker-refillsGot a LIHIT LAB Pen Case, Orange, 3 x 9.4” delivered today and it works perfectly for what it was wanted for.

So far, it is holding:

5 Copic Neutral Gray Sketch Marker Refills : N0 | N1 | N2 | N3 | N4
5 Copic Multiliner SP Ink Refills : Cartridge-A | Cartridge-B
1 Backup Copic Multiliner SP 0.5 Pen
2 Backup Uni-Ball UM 153 Signo Broad Point Gel Pens – White

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Giuseppe Castellano : Do I Need An Agent?

Posted on Jan 5, 2017

Worth a read! http://www.gcastellano.com/arttips/do-i-need-an-agent

…In this post, you and I will go through the steps of a submission, from researching agencies to signing on the dotted line—while having a bit of a heart-to-heart along the way.

I also ask six well-respected agents to share their thoughts by answering three questions.

By the end of this post, you may finally have the answer to: “Do I need an agent?” …

Giuseppe Castellano is an award-winning Designer, Illustrator, and Executive Art Director at Penguin Random House; with over seventeen years of book publishing experience. He oversees the imprints of Grosset & Dunlap, Mad Libs, Frederick Warne and Co., the Penguin Young Readers, Penguin Young Readers Licenses, and Cartoon Network Books.



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Zac Retz Videos on Gumroad

Posted on Jan 5, 2017

Zac Retz does wonderful work and just Tweeted that he has added 5 videos with voiceover as well as a brush to his Gumroad for download. Just $5 too! What a deal! [Note: The downloaded zip gives links to private Youtube videos, not actual videos to download]

https://gumroad.com/zacretz (Links to Zac’s sites & profiles below image)

© 2017 Zac Retz

© 2017 Zac Retz

Follow Zac Retz here:

zacretz.blogspot.com | twitter.com/zacdretz | instagram.com/zacretz

artstation.com/artist/zacretz | zacretz.deviantart.com/ | behance.net/zacretz | pinterest.com/zacretz/

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