Who Wore It Better: Salvador Dali or Pennywise?

Posted on Sep 3, 2017

Every time I see Pennywise from 2017’s It, I think of Salvador Dali…

Illumination, The Art of Lee White

Posted on Aug 28, 2017

How exciting it was last week to receive the beautiful, Kickstarter-backed book, Illumination: The Art of Lee White, by Lee White of SVSLearn. It is a 128 page, hardcover book covering the past 6 years or so of Lee’s work, and it has all the stories and inspiration behind the images. With the book came a couple wonderful prints that look great framed and on our wall! Congrats and thank you, Lee! I look forward to spending time soaking it all in!

While the Kickstarter campaign has ended, you can get one of these great books as well as many prints from Lee White’s website:

Lee WhiteLeeWhiteIllustration.com

Character Design Quarterly Magazine by 3DTotal Received!

Posted on Aug 23, 2017

YAY! Just received the first issue of Character Design Quarterly Magazine by 3DTotal — Looks great and comes with some nice extras!

Original Kickstarter Campaign Content:

Character Design Quarterly: “A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide”!

Character Design Quarterly (CDQ) is an exciting new print magazine for illustrators, artists, animators and character art enthusiasts. Releasing four times a year, the magazine will offer inspirational and educational articles, tutorials and interviews from top industry professionals specifically geared to helping artists hone their character design skills. This unique, engaging magazine will provide a regular stream of insider knowledge and illuminating advice from experienced professionals and freelancers to help artists of all skill levels improve their workflow and designs.

The first issue is already in production so we can proudly announce that it will feature instructive tutorials by Max Grecke, Shaun Bryant, Simone Grünewald, and Brett Bean. We also have interviews with the creative people behind the multi-award-winning animation studio Blue Zoo, and up-and-coming character designer Amanda Jolly who talks about her exciting career working for companies including Warner Animation Group and Disney TVA. Get top tips from the likes of Loish, Randy Bishop and many more besides, plus learn about the creation of the first issue’s amazing cover image by CreatureBox!

The Original Kickstarter Campaign Link:




Character Design Quarterly Issue 01 Features:

Randy Bishop

Brett Bean

Loish (Lois Van Baarle)


Max Grecke

Shaun Bryant

Simone Grünewald

And more…

Astropad Luna Display

Posted on Aug 23, 2017

Luna Display is a new hardware device that adds second screen capability to Astropad (Turn your iPad into a professional graphics tablet for Mac). Learn more at lunadisplay.com (Astropad’s quickly funded Kickstarter for Luna Display)


Bryan Engram of Brazen Entertainment on Tempest

Posted on Aug 19, 2017

Greatly enjoyed listening to Bryan Engram discuss his company Brazen Animation (brazenanimation.com) and their full-length animated feature film, Tempest, this morning. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer or their other work, go do so — great stuff! www.brazenanimation.com/tempest/teaser/


KFC’s Animatronic Harland Sanders Robot

Posted on Jul 7, 2017

I would like this as my alarm clock or as my mailbox.

Content from Adweek, seen via Twitter.com/WiedenKennedy:
KFC Made a Weird Animatronic Harland Sanders Robot to Take Your Drive-Thru Order : Wieden + Kennedy pioneers H.A.R.L.A.N.D.

Post to Instagram from Computer

Posted on Jun 23, 2017

A question came up in the SVSLearn Forum (Forum.SVSLearn.com) about uploading to Instagram via a computer. I always thought it was only possible via a mobile device, but after a quick search to confirm (“post to instagram from pc”), it appears that this can actually be done via a computer (at least for now). I haven’t tried to post from a computer, but clicking the camera does open a window for me to choose something to upload, so I’m supposing it works. Just not sure if you can add descriptions, tags, etc…

Here’s a screenshot:

I found this trick from:

How to upload photos to Instagram from a desktop browser

Most browsers have a way of letting you change the “User Agent” — the thing that tells a website what kind of device you’re on. So, even when you’re on a laptop or desktop, you can trick a website like Instagram into showing you the mobile site. That’s what we’re going to do.

On Safari, it’s easy. Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced. Check the box at the very bottom that says, “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”

Now open a private browsing window. Head to Develop > User Agent > Safari — iOS 10 — iPhone. Go to Instagram.com, sign in and click the camera button at the bottom of the screen to upload a photo from your desktop.

In Chrome, go to Instagram.com and sign in. Now right-click the page > Inspect > click the Tablet icon (top-left). The page should switch to mobile view, where you’ll find a camera button at the bottom of the screen, which lets you upload a photo from your desktop.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on May 8 and has since been updated. Initial instructions for Chrome were not working for everyone, so we’ve updated the process.

25,000 Pins!

Posted on Jun 5, 2017

A New Milestone Reached! Over 25,000 Illustration, Design, and Other Art Pins into my Pinterest account. Pins Are Curated Into Boards Spanning: Different *Genre Types, Character Types, Environment Types, and Vehicle & Object Types, as well as Textures, Patterns, Branding & Packaging Design, Advertising, Character Bento, Wagashi, and Much More! (*Genre = Children’s Illustration, Earthy-Rustic-Folk, Manga/Anime, Fantasy/SciFi, Pop Culture, Etc.)

I have found Pinterest to be a great resource to learn & be inspired from. I’m so glad to have all these pins organized to share! Look forward to seeing what pins you share. Be sure to follow at Pinterest.com/ScottMonaco and of course, on my other social media accounts too:

Etchr Art Satchel

Posted on Jun 2, 2017


What a great looking and highly useful mobile studio! I already love all kinds of bags, but I’m looking forward to seeing this particular one launch!


How the Etchr Art Satchel Makes Urban Sketching a Breeze!

…As a professional Concept Artist, I loved taking a break and getting out and about with my drawing but often found the logistical process a pain. Fumbling around in my re-purposed bag for my art gear, setting up my work station and the arm fatigue and lack of mobility were all pain points that I sought to address with the Etchr Art Satchel…

…We think we’ve come up with the answer!…

…Join our community of artists on the Early Bird List to be first to know when it launches so you can have first dibs on our awesome early bird giveaways!…

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Learn more about Etchr :

Founded by Darren Yeow :

Learned about the Etchr Art Satchel from a post on Forum.SVSLearn.com by Linhb16.artstation.com


Listen to a great podcast interview with Darren Yeow about Etchr & more by Drawn + Drafted at https://www.crowdcast.io/e/projectcast-darrenyeow